Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Okay... so I'm 13 days late. But it's taken me awhile to really come up with resolutions and I've been tweaking them the past few days. I've never been one to say "I'm going to lose 5 pounds." or "I'm not drinking all year!" My resolutions are more improvements I hope to make to my lifestyle. So here we go...

1. Be more positive
If you knew me in middle school and the beginning of high school... I was a completely different person. If people would even say "crap" I would tell them not to swear. I was the one always looking on the bright side of everything, knowing my Prince Charming was right around the corner and that all my friends and I would be happily married right after graduation. Even towards the end of high school when puberty, attention from boys, and bitchy girls brought along tons of drama, I still someone was able to find the bright side - probably because I didn't give a crap for anyone else at the time and just enjoyed being an undercover bia. But once college began and I started hanging out with different crowds, stressing out over classes, and drinking much more, I was able to see the negative side to every little thing. I realized this after my latest breakup and realized I did not want to live this way anymore. I have since minimized the amount of swear words I use, started seeing the positive side of every low situation, and try realllly hard not to complain about things that don't deserve it. I'm hoping I can keep this going longer than 2010 because it's a lifestyle choice I would LOVE to continue!

2. Text less in class
So you know when you receive a text when you're around a friend and you think "oh I'll just text this person back really quick, it'll be fine." But then you realize 20 seconds later that you have no idea what your friend just said to you and you hate that you have to have them repeat themselves. Yeah, well imagine me in a classroom doing that, but I can't ask the teacher to repeat themselves! I have found that the classes that I do not text (due to warnings on the syllabus about repurcussions) I learn an IMMENSE amount more. And even though that hour and a half - two hours of class can be torture without my phone, it is so much more rewarding int he end knowing I actually learned something and didn't have to teach myself it out of the book later.

3. Actually figure out what I want to do after Graduation
When people ask me what I want to do with my life - I have to tell them that I honestly have no idea. Whether I want to stay in SLO, move back home to San Jose, or even move to New York to start a new life, I don't even know what kind of career I want to have! I have made the decision that I NEED to go to the career center this week, and luckily next week there will be a career fair here at school! I looked on the list of employers and wasn't intrigued by any of them, but I'm hoping by just going and getting myself out there I can get a feel for what it's like and continue on in the search for a career.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Man. The first time your heart is broken is rough. As a 21 year old you would think that this had happened to me before, but this was the first serious relationship I had ever been with, and unfortunately I was the dumpee at the end of it. Friday and Saturday involved a lot of crying, watching tv, and reading New Moon (I've already read it, but wanted to again before the movie comes out next Friday!). Luckily (?) I had work at 6 30 AM both Saturday and Sunday so that helped keep my mind off things and there was a lot of hussle and bussle going on in the restaurant. This time alone however did give me time to think. And after I became okay with the situation and realized it was the best and his reasoning made sense, I made the big move - I called him.
Today him and I met up to talk about things, since we didn't have a chance after the actual breakup as I ran out sobbing. But it was so refreshing to see him and realize we could not only be civilized, but have a great time together just talking and laughing, not being romantic at all. I think that is the hardest part about it. I know he and I will still be great friends, as neither of us are the type to try to cut someone out of our lives. But knowing I will never wake up next to him again or kiss him goodbye is so difficult to think about. I'm staying strong though, and I know after awhile each of us will be able to move on and be okay with each other's lives.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Piece of Me

I came up with this theory today .... every time something bad happens, just think of what possibly could have happened to make that bad situation even worse - and then just be thankful that didn't happen! It sounds dorky, but it really makes the situation seem just a tad bit better.

There was a time where I was always the one sticking positive thoughts into everyone's minds, and I'd like to go back to that, just to make everyone a little happier =)

More later - I promise!
<3 M

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer in San Luis Obispo

So it's officially been summer for eight days, and here's how much it's changed from last year: June 20, 2008 - 113 degrees; June 20, 2009 (official start of summer this year) - 68 degrees.
Sun where areeee you?!
Luckily three days ago Mr. Sun decided to show his face and I was able to get my tan on. Actually, after laying out for 15 minutes without sunscreen I actually got a mild sunburn on my swimsuit line =/.

I'll tell you though - I have no idea how people without jobs or summer school survive the three months. I'm good with a one day break to do nothing, but after awhile I just get restless! I'm taking two classes this summer which are on Mondays and Wednesdays, and then on almost every other day I am working as a hostess. Between those two things alone, then trying to get in some gym time, and figuring in the bf's schedule, it's a miracle I get to spend any time with him at all! My two roommates have also been going out of town a lot, so I'm starting to get a little bit lonely in the apartment, and I couldn't imagine if I had nothing to do with my life - I'd go crazy!!

Speaking of roommates... I'm moving in two weeks!! I need to start packing STAT. My parents will be coming down with furniture and to help us out, and then four days later the girls and I are heading back up to The Bay to fly to Vegas for my 21st birthday!! (Cliche, but you know what? I don't care!) Oh man, that's going to need a blog post all on it's own, I hope some of you check it out (T minus 23 days ;-D)

So I don't want to bore all of you anymore....
My final note: I have been really lacking on the bloggingsphere, so I'm going to work on it - especially on writing about good books I read. I just read Abby McDonald's "Sophomore Switch" and realllly enjoyed it. I think part of it was because it took place at UCSB which is so close to us! I would recommend reading it though, definitely a good summer read. Next up: Same Difference, and Along for the Ride!


SUMMER CONTEST!!! Right heeeeere =D

Read Brenda's blog and WIN!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recent Favorite Reads and Finales!

So I finished reading "Willow" by Julia Hoban last week - and let me just tell you, I LOVED it! I started reading it one morning at the gym, and couldn't really get into it as of page 20. But considering I was stuck on the bike for another 25 minutes, I kept reading, and boy am I glad I did! It was such an unconventional love story that Julia wrote, and it kept you wondering about the mysterious of the characters' pasts and how they would resolve their issues. It wasn't too long of a read, and I would definitely recommend it!

Onto the finales...

Grey's - as I'm sure half the female U.S. population watched and screamed "OMG NOOOOOOOOOO" and then "GAH! Why is it over?!" Such an amazing episode, I don't even want to say anything to ruin it for anyone who has yet to watch it. However, I will say I was SO excited to see Zach Gilford guest star on the first hour of the finale (Friday Night Lights actor for anyone wo didn't know). I love him, he is such a cutie.

Lost - Again with a "We have to wait TEN months to find out what happened?!?!?!" I mean really? I'd be happy with an episode every other week if it meant we only had to wait three months. They do the whole oh we wait almost a year so you [almost] never have to go longer than a week without a new episode - but it's really not fun haha

Castle - Not a hugely talked about show, but I have a feeling it will have much higher ratings and a bigger fan base next season (as it just got picked up - YAY!). It didn't have a HUGE cliffhanger, but it definitely made me wanting more, and I love the chemistry between the two main characters.

Can't wait for Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Desperate Housewives! They're going to be good.

Aaaaaand my two favorite reality shows start this week!!! The Bachelorette (with Jillian) and So You Think You Can Dance!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, Spring, SUN!

Happy Easter !!!

I love Easter. I know it's supposed to be a day to spend at Church and with the family, but I honestly couldn't tell you when the last time I did either was. Both this year and last I spent Easter day with my roommate (this year here in SLO, last year back in the bay), but we've had a great time! We've been fortunate enough to have enough sun on both years to lay out and get a decent tan sunburn [that turns into a tan!], while enjoying oodles of food. My roommate, who is Catholic, gave up bagels last year and breadsticks this year for Lent, so Easter morning consists of her gorging on her formally forbidden food! We made an amazing breakfast this morning, complete with waffles, blueberry muffins, mimosas, and strawberries mmmm (jealous? you should be!)

Week 3 starts this week, and my schedule is SO much more relaxed this quarter. Although I desperately need a second job that will give me a bigger paycheck and money for the summer! (On campus eateries aren't really open over the summer here).

Mini rave for the moment: SHAPE MAGAZINE! I am absolutely addicted. Their workouts, beauty tips, etc are so inspiring and I read every word that is included in the issue. If you don't have a subscription already and are interested in fitness magazines, I highly highly suggest that you go out and get one! (Plus that's like 5 times cheaper than buying even two issues!)

k that's enough of that, I'm going to go watch Friends (TOW Rosita Dies) and eat some popcorn =D


SIDE NOTE!!! Enter to win Jennifer Banash's upcoming novel: Simply Irresistible, the third and final installment of The Elite series!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dead Week, The BookLuver & The Elite!

So it's Dead Week over here at Cal Poly. Which for about 90% of the student population means nothing different as we have some amazing professors who love giving exams and making presentations due during this week instead of reviewing what we're learned in the last ten weeks. However, I am one of the lucky 10% that does not have any midterms! Yes, I do have a report due in a lab and a final in another lab - but that is always expected as our lab times are not assigned final times during Finals Week.

Taking a break from finals... head over and read Jennifer Banash's blogpost about her journey during her 20's and her Elite novel series. I think you'll really enjoy it! ALSO! Check out the amazing contest that Carol has going on over at BookLuver!