Monday, November 9, 2009


Man. The first time your heart is broken is rough. As a 21 year old you would think that this had happened to me before, but this was the first serious relationship I had ever been with, and unfortunately I was the dumpee at the end of it. Friday and Saturday involved a lot of crying, watching tv, and reading New Moon (I've already read it, but wanted to again before the movie comes out next Friday!). Luckily (?) I had work at 6 30 AM both Saturday and Sunday so that helped keep my mind off things and there was a lot of hussle and bussle going on in the restaurant. This time alone however did give me time to think. And after I became okay with the situation and realized it was the best and his reasoning made sense, I made the big move - I called him.
Today him and I met up to talk about things, since we didn't have a chance after the actual breakup as I ran out sobbing. But it was so refreshing to see him and realize we could not only be civilized, but have a great time together just talking and laughing, not being romantic at all. I think that is the hardest part about it. I know he and I will still be great friends, as neither of us are the type to try to cut someone out of our lives. But knowing I will never wake up next to him again or kiss him goodbye is so difficult to think about. I'm staying strong though, and I know after awhile each of us will be able to move on and be okay with each other's lives.