Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Okay... so I'm 13 days late. But it's taken me awhile to really come up with resolutions and I've been tweaking them the past few days. I've never been one to say "I'm going to lose 5 pounds." or "I'm not drinking all year!" My resolutions are more improvements I hope to make to my lifestyle. So here we go...

1. Be more positive
If you knew me in middle school and the beginning of high school... I was a completely different person. If people would even say "crap" I would tell them not to swear. I was the one always looking on the bright side of everything, knowing my Prince Charming was right around the corner and that all my friends and I would be happily married right after graduation. Even towards the end of high school when puberty, attention from boys, and bitchy girls brought along tons of drama, I still someone was able to find the bright side - probably because I didn't give a crap for anyone else at the time and just enjoyed being an undercover bia. But once college began and I started hanging out with different crowds, stressing out over classes, and drinking much more, I was able to see the negative side to every little thing. I realized this after my latest breakup and realized I did not want to live this way anymore. I have since minimized the amount of swear words I use, started seeing the positive side of every low situation, and try realllly hard not to complain about things that don't deserve it. I'm hoping I can keep this going longer than 2010 because it's a lifestyle choice I would LOVE to continue!

2. Text less in class
So you know when you receive a text when you're around a friend and you think "oh I'll just text this person back really quick, it'll be fine." But then you realize 20 seconds later that you have no idea what your friend just said to you and you hate that you have to have them repeat themselves. Yeah, well imagine me in a classroom doing that, but I can't ask the teacher to repeat themselves! I have found that the classes that I do not text (due to warnings on the syllabus about repurcussions) I learn an IMMENSE amount more. And even though that hour and a half - two hours of class can be torture without my phone, it is so much more rewarding int he end knowing I actually learned something and didn't have to teach myself it out of the book later.

3. Actually figure out what I want to do after Graduation
When people ask me what I want to do with my life - I have to tell them that I honestly have no idea. Whether I want to stay in SLO, move back home to San Jose, or even move to New York to start a new life, I don't even know what kind of career I want to have! I have made the decision that I NEED to go to the career center this week, and luckily next week there will be a career fair here at school! I looked on the list of employers and wasn't intrigued by any of them, but I'm hoping by just going and getting myself out there I can get a feel for what it's like and continue on in the search for a career.