Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution Time!

I noticed in the past few weeks that I really am not a patient person at all. Whether it's my OCD kicking in and getting upset after the dishes have been sitting in the sink for 5 minutes, or at drivers going too slow in front of me, I get upset very easily! So my main resolution is to be much much more patient. I figure a lot of people including myself will benefit from this so I hope everyone appreciates it!
Second resolution: Handle my finances! I'm very budget concious, but I really need to plan ahead and set aside a portion of my paycheck into a savings account and decide how much to leave for personal expenses. First item to buy: A new phone!!!! (My Palm Treo from 2005 is just not cutting it since it won't let me call anyone half the time!) I also need to majorly update my wardrobe. I recently went from being a blonde to a brunette (=0) and need more colors that compliment my hair!

Plans for this wonderful New Years Day: Watching Pearl Harbor with the roommate, her boyfriend and the New Years Kiss =). Annnd teaching said roommate how to knit! I went crazy the past two weeks and made a bunch of scarves for friends and myself as gifts and now want to be able to share the wealth! It'll also give me a chance to practice my patience skills haha

Share your resolutions!!


  1. I'm not patient enough to knit, I've finished like three half-scarves and then given up.

  2. I'm definitely trying to be more patient too I get stuck babysitting sometimes and gosh those kids!

    Oh about 13 reasons why, the main character is not younger than 16 or 17