Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recent Favorite Reads and Finales!

So I finished reading "Willow" by Julia Hoban last week - and let me just tell you, I LOVED it! I started reading it one morning at the gym, and couldn't really get into it as of page 20. But considering I was stuck on the bike for another 25 minutes, I kept reading, and boy am I glad I did! It was such an unconventional love story that Julia wrote, and it kept you wondering about the mysterious of the characters' pasts and how they would resolve their issues. It wasn't too long of a read, and I would definitely recommend it!

Onto the finales...

Grey's - as I'm sure half the female U.S. population watched and screamed "OMG NOOOOOOOOOO" and then "GAH! Why is it over?!" Such an amazing episode, I don't even want to say anything to ruin it for anyone who has yet to watch it. However, I will say I was SO excited to see Zach Gilford guest star on the first hour of the finale (Friday Night Lights actor for anyone wo didn't know). I love him, he is such a cutie.

Lost - Again with a "We have to wait TEN months to find out what happened?!?!?!" I mean really? I'd be happy with an episode every other week if it meant we only had to wait three months. They do the whole oh we wait almost a year so you [almost] never have to go longer than a week without a new episode - but it's really not fun haha

Castle - Not a hugely talked about show, but I have a feeling it will have much higher ratings and a bigger fan base next season (as it just got picked up - YAY!). It didn't have a HUGE cliffhanger, but it definitely made me wanting more, and I love the chemistry between the two main characters.

Can't wait for Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Desperate Housewives! They're going to be good.

Aaaaaand my two favorite reality shows start this week!!! The Bachelorette (with Jillian) and So You Think You Can Dance!

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